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Jean-Luc Dufour

E-mail: jl.dufour(at)


Sportdirector AAM:

Luc Gosselin

E-mail: luc.gosselin(at)


Sportdirector VML:

Chris Gyssens

E-mail: chris.gyssens(at)


FAI Sporting Code - Revised on 01.01.2017


FAI Sporting Code General Section Edition 2017


F5J AMRT Approval List


General information about Belgian Contests:


Remember, don’t forget:

  • Your FAI license
  • Your FAI number or FAI ID number (min 25 mm on the wing)
  • if you don't have a alti, the ability to place and remove EASILY the altimeter between your receiver and controller
  • The good software in your altimeter
  • Registration only on the site before friday 20.00h before competition day.
  • Entry fee : 5 €


And of course your good humor and fair play.


In case of problems, my mobile phone number: 0477 / 36.33.74



You can start the motor during start beep of working time, but you must  to land before the end beep of working time



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